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Now let’s talk about controversies. Even though unknown people can have controversies, why not our former Prime Minister? People whole the world knows about him. So if he did not have any controversies it maybe sound weird. Because we are Malays and Malays have a weird habit which is they jealous with people success even though they try harder to achieve the successful. Sound weird? It is true. This is not Lalaland. This is reality people. Please wake up!

this is we should do

11 September 2001

There are few controversies that can be found when we Google it. First are about 11 September attacks at USA. Because of the attacks, Muslim whole the world have been accused. Regarding to the topic, in 2006, Dr. M had 2 hour talk with James W. Walter and William Rodriguez. He also urged the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims to boycott Dutch products following the release of the anti-islam movie Fitna by the Dutch politician Geert Wilders. He also urged all Muslims to boycott the anti-Islam documentary Islam: What The West Need to Know and called for the arrest of the film directors Gregory Davis and Bryan Daly. 

This is FITNA movie

This is Islam: What the West Need to Know documentary

Second is about Indigenous Orang Asli. People known that Dr. M is loudness person. So he post an entry about Orang Asli and comparing them with Native Americans in US, Maoris in New Zealand and Aboriginals in Australia. It's state that Orang Asli were not entitled more rights than Malays even though they are natives to the land.It is offensive statement from Dr. M.

Below is statement Dr. M that said he compare Orang Asli and Native Americans.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


As posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at Che Det on March 10, 2011 9:30 AM

1. Someone asked what about the "Orang Asli" literally the "Original People". Weren't they in the peninsular before the Malays?

2. They could be. So are the Red Indians, the Maoris, the aborigines of Australia, the many tribal people in many countries of the world.

3. If we consider that the Orang Asli have more rights to claim Malaysia as their own then we should acknowledge and respect the rights of the Red Indians, the Maoris, the Australian aborigines and all the other aborigines to be given back the land we now call America, Australia, New Zealand etc.

4. Perhaps in recognition of their rights, they are now not so ill-treated and killed as they were when the Europeans seized their lands. But this is not the same as declaring that the countries belong to the people originally found there.

5. In Latin America there were native, indigenous or Orang Asli governments when the Europeans arrived. The Aztecs, the Mayas, the Incas had recognisable states. But the Spaniards and the Portuguese conquered their lands and set up new States and Governments. The world have recognised these states.

6. In Malaysia the Orang Asli are as much citizens of the country as are the people of other races. They had never set up their own states and governments.

7. When the Europeans came, the governments and the states they had to deal with were Malay. All treaties were made with the Malay Governments. Even the Japanese recognised the existence of these Malay States when they drove the British out of the peninsular.

8. Of course when the British came back, they had to gain the assent of the Malay rulers in order to set up the Malayan Union. All subsequent agreements were with Malay rulers and Malay political leaders.

9. It is important to note that the Malay rulers only recognised Malays as their natural "rakyat". They also recognised "Orang Asli" and non-Malays who had been assimilated as "rakyat". However, non-Malays who continued to identify themselves with their countries of origin were not regarded as rakyat.

10. It was only after the Malayan Union was formed that the concept of citizenship was created. Still those recognised as rakyat of the rulers were acknowledged through what came to be regarded as special positions.

11. This was enshrined in the constitution. But the constitution also made it clear that the non-Malay citizens also have special position. Thus they may retain their original identity, use their own home language (mother tongue?) and perpetuate their own culture. They also have the right to teach in their own languages in Government supported primary schools and can set up their own private secondary schools.

12. The setting up of schools which teach in their own languages is not to be confused with schools for teaching other languages.

13. We would like to see the end of all special privileges so that we can all be together. We should all be just Malaysians speaking and teaching in one national language, practitioners of one national culture, and owing loyalty only to this beloved country, Malaysia.

Last but no least, is Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission. Dr. M establish it to focus on victims of abuse in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. It's establish because unlawful invasion of Iraq by USA. But in May 2012, there are 5 people who admit that they are people behind the scene of this conspiracy.


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